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As you all are aware the automotive industry is extremely competitive. Dealerships compete with each other on perks. Some might give a free car wash, others might provide free oil changes. Years ago (in 2005) I once had “free oil changes for a year” as a perk when I bought a car (which I sadly didn’t take advantage of as I didn’t live or work near that dealership). Rather than perks... why not be transparent and offer the Lowest Price and Authenticity?

What makes DriveCo Motors “Authentic” well, for one, since July 2020, DriveCo Motors has been operated by a husband and wife team. Jay Purdy, DriveCo Motors General Manager, and Brandi Purdy (me) DriveCo Motors Business Development Manager, have MANY (don’t want to age us) years of combined industry experience and knowledge. Mention “Jay Purdy” in the automotive industry, you’ll find out he’s well known. As for me, I am not always onsite in the public, I work mostly “behind the scenes” with advertising, social media, customer relations, the “books”, etc. 

That’s the how and why DriveCo Motors refers to themselves as a “Family Operated Dealership”. 

Fun fact, Pioneer Auto Group, is also family owned and operated. Ray Van Empel, Dealer Principle/Owner of DriveCo Motors, and Owner/President of the ENTIRE group started it with his family. Jay and Ray go way back... but no, they are not related. It’s nice they’ve teamed up finally though!

More FAMILY at DriveCo Motors... Grayson Jarvis, DriveCo Motors Finance Manager, he and his wife, Sonya Jarvis, manage DriveCo Motors Subprime Department. 

Authenticity.. this word is kicked around a lot. Being authentic means being “real” It is when our actions and words are one in the same. It is being ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be. If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram (driveco_motors) you’ll see we are as “real” to our audience as possible. Why do we advertise differently on social media.. I started it that way because Jay and I know how important trust is to our customers. 


What’s the point? We care. Bottom line is DriveCo Motors cares about relationships more so than transactions. That’s why we have added a “Dealership Authenticity” disclaimer to our website. 

Even if you don’t buy from DriveCo Motors, we want to make certain the integrity and authenticity of DriveCo Motors is not comprised. 

All our ads and inventory are consistent. (Not just consistently with having our prices lower than  competitors) You’ll find our vehicles on various platforms (Marketplace, Trader, CarGurus, Craigslist). 

Final thought... when you’re buying a vehicle never feel uncomfortable to ask salesperson you're speaking to on the phone, emailing, texting to verify themselves.

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